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April 16 2017

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Rok 1919, Naczelnik Państwa Józef Piłsudski odbiera u stóp zamku defiladę wojsk wielkopolskich. Zamek przedstawia swoją pierwotną formę, którą zmienili Niemcy po zajęciu miasta w 1939 roku, z rozkazu samego Adolfa Hitlera. Wtedy to zniszczono widoczne na zdjęciu portal zachodni w wieży oraz półkolisty wykusz.
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Bonnie Parker smoking a cigar and holding a pistol, 1932

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Betty Grable c. 1939

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The corner of Pell Street and the Bowery in Chinatown, New York, on the eve of the Chinese New Year on Jan. 31, 1938.

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Erwin Blumenfeld     Marguerite von Sivers,      Paris      1937

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British tattoo artist George Burchett, the King of Tattooists, (ca 1930)

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English actress Hermione Baddeley dresses in costume as Minnie Mouse for Film Memories Ball, 1933. http://www.vintag.es/2015/05/hermione-baddeley-dresses-in-costume-as.html
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coco chanel, horst p. horst, 1937.
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winking Frida, 1933
Women boxing on a roof, circa 1930s
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Helen Keller Meeting Charlie Chaplin

Roman Catholic clerics give the Nazi salute at a Catholic youth rally in the Neukölln stadium.

​Berlin, Germany, August 20, 1933

Pictured from left to right are: Dr. Erich Klausener (chairman of the Catholic Action organization), Georg Puchowski (Diocese Youth Pastor ), Paul Steinmann (Vicar General ), Paul Weber (Cathedral Capitular), Maximilian Fiedler (Priest of the Order of St. Anthony, Berlin-Oberschoeneweide), P. Foehrer, S. J. Wilhelm, Franz Rittau (Cathedral Vicar ) and Erich Klawitter (Youth Office).

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Feather River Bulletin, Quincy, California, March 20, 1924

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Gdy ci coś wpada do oka, pamiętaj, że to odrobina kosmosu.
— Julian Tuwim.
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"Echo" o problemach polskiego szkolnictwa wyższego (1937)
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